Eyelash Extensions

Why MD Nail & Spa?
1. MD focuses on luxurious & therapeutic care
2. MD leading trends on new premium products.
3. As you enter MD Nail Spa you are enveloped by the finest aromatherapy essences and soothed by tranquil and serene music.
4. Dental Grade Autoclave Sterilization and liner disposal pedicure chairs - worry free about fungus & infection.
5. All our hard work and commitment to our Customers are paying off. You can see it in our shop, see it in our employees, and tell by our popularity.
Complimentary Accommodations
6. High speed internet; TV with Cox service
7. Soft drink
8. Herbal neck wrap for organic herbal pedicure.

1. Classic Lashes


Full Set (1 Hrs 30 mins)



$69 & up

(vary depending on how much time is required to finish)
Eyelash ExtensionsIn an effort to ensure to your stand out amongst all the glitz and glamor only Las Vegas. This is a natural looking set , perfect for those new to Lashes

2. Volume Lashes

Full Set (2 Hrs+)




Eyelash ExtensionsThis full set includes 3+ very light & soft faux Lash extensions apply them to each of your own healthy natural Lashes

3. Mixed / Hybrid

Full Set




***Customizable lengths, styles & fullness for each client